Quail Ridge Family Practice

Dr. David M. Ryan, D.O.

Certified Medical Assistant

Full-time Certified Medical Assistant needed for our busy family practice office. We have a great team and see a wide variety of patients.

This position is temporary and is expected to last a few months. However, this position maybe become permanent. Expected work schedule is four to five days per week (weekdays only). However, the scheduled days and hours may vary.

The ideal candidate:

Must understand and abide by HIPAA regulations.
Must be comfortable using medical software and paper charts.
Must be dependable and detail-oriented.
Must have good work attendance.

Duties include, but are not limited to: rooming patients, answering phone calls, relaying test results to patients, triage phone calls, doing prior authorizations for medications, refilling medications when authorized by a medical provider, giving injections, performing therapeutic ultrasound and setting up patients on physical therapy bed, performing EKGs, visual exams, tympanograms, peak flows, breathing treatments and assisting in minor surgeries, pap smears, ear lavages, and other tasks as needed.

Pay depends on experience.

Please email your résumé to us by clicking the button below.